4 Ways To Overcome Fear As A Yoga Teacher | Ep 7

Are you a yoga or fitness instructor who’s struggling with fear of some sort? 

Maybe it's fear of starting something new, something you feel like you need to do or want to do, but you're afraid to do it. 

Maybe it's fear of making a big change: There's something you're doing that you need to change or want to change the way you're doing it or what you're doing.

Maybe you feel like you need to say no to some things and you're afraid of how people might take it. 

There's likely something that you're struggling with where fear is getting in the way. 

In this episode we’re going to give you 4 ways to overcome fear and step into the calling God has on your life. 

So grab a cup of coffee, find a cozy spot, and let's chat about fear.



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