I Almost Quit Teaching Yoga (Twice), But Did THIS Instead | Ep 8

If you're a yoga teacher, you have likely experienced that moment where you just feel like giving up. I have, multiple times!

And if you haven't experienced that yet, there's a good chance that you will at some point in your journey. 

So in this episode I'm going to share my story of those moments where I was completely backed up against the wall and I wanted to quit, and what I did to pivot and change the trajectory of my teaching journey and business.

So if that sounds like something that could be encouraging and empowering for you as you take your next steps, grab a drink, grab a comfy chair, and come chat with us.


▶︎ Episode 7 on fear

▶︎ Pastor Craig Groeschel’s leadership podcast

▶︎ Buy Back Your Time by Dan Martell

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(6:04) - Kristen moved to a small town where she didn’t know anyone, and yoga was not really a thing (and even looked down upon).

(14:04) - Pivotal moment #1

(23:42) - Introduced a membership

(27:01) - Membership model was no longer working

(29:37) - Pivotal moment #2 

(36:33) - The power of having people to help process decisions and ask hard questions

(37:31) - How to communicate your pivot to your students

(42:12) - How to decide when to implement the change

(46:58) - Developing other leaders & teachers


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